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Private lessons

The most effective way to learn Jiu-Jitsu


Private lessons are an excellent tool for those who want to accelerate their evolution in our Jiu-Jitsu.

By having the teacher's complete attention, he can explain the details of each concept and technique in more accurately, as well as correct errors, and adapt the technique to the student according to his difficulties, which, however much we try, is not possible in normal classes. Another great advantage of private lessons is that the teacher is 100% available to answer all questions.

As the biggest advances in the evolution of any practitioner happen after he gets answers to his questions/problems that he finds in training, private classes, even if not done regularly, are "key" to the evolution of the practitioner.

Benefits of private lessons:

  • Total attention from the teacher;

  • Faster evolution;

  • The student can choose what he wants to learn;

  • More reserved training;

  • Good option for those who have schedule difficulties.

How to book a private lesson:

1. Choose your teacher;

2. Contact the teacher about availability;

3. Set up with the teacher the amount of classes / pack you want;

4. Enjoy your evolution!

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