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Introductory classes

Getting started in Jiu-Jitsu


For those who decide to try Jiu-Jitsu in our academy, the first classes will be individual so that we can effectively frame the student in our martial art, as well as teach some fundamental movements and concepts.

As a modern martial art, many new students see Jiu-Jitsu as a tool for defending themselves in a self-defense scenario, and as a way for a lighter person to be able to outdo a heavier person. For this reason, we make sure that, during these first classes, students learn some basic techniques and concepts applicable to self-defense.

Whether they decide to continue their training or not, after these three introductory classes students will learn some techniques that will be “key” in a scenario in which the student has to defend himself from an aggressor, as well as understand the fundamental principles in Jiu-Jitsu.

During the three classes students will learn:

  • Understanding which positions are favorable and unfavorable;

  • Concepts from Guard (The basics of how to fight when your back is on the ground);

  • Guard passing concepts (How to fight someone with their back to the ground);

  • How to take someone down correctly;

  • How to fall safely.

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